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Amare 22:00
Feb 11 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Amare @ Rest radio / Global Network Podcasts
Born with the rhythm in her veins, instinctively moving her hips when a beat comes out of a speaker, her parents sent her to ballet school as a toddler. From that day, she has been dancing every day of her life. First to classical music, later to jazz, rock ‘n roll, and as a teenager she discovered electronic music. Having studied the whole range of human sciences, Amare knows what[...]
Frank Apollo 23:00
Frank Apollo
Feb 11 @ 23:00 – Feb 12 @ 00:00
Frank Apollo
With his unique gift to influent, enthuse and make the crowd go crazy about his music, Frank Apollo is one of the most interesting upcoming dj’s! With his positive vibes and style of djing, this young fella aims to inspire as many people as possible. Starting at the age of 7 with playing the trombone, Frank Apollo joined through the years various music groups. One of them was the Jazz[...]
Andreas Moles 22:00
Andreas Moles
Feb 12 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Andreas Moles
Andreas Moles, an Ibiza based DJ of Greek origin. Currently resident at the renowned Cotton establishments of the island. Moles has previously played several seasons on the beach establishments of Mykonos such as Alemagou. Demand has also brought him to various private events around the world. Moles adjusts his electronic beats to the vibe of the crowd, however when let loose he is a master of melodic deep house fused[...]
Zalat 23:00
Feb 12 @ 23:00 – Feb 13 @ 00:00
Influenced by all genres of music; from Authentic Rock to Electronic Groove, Balearic to lounge, House to Progressive, and that’s where the idea came to create A Movie For Ears
Damian 22:00
Feb 13 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Damian was born in the winter of ‘95 in Romania. He always had an ear for music, sounds literally excite him! But it wasn’t until he really felt the atmosphere that he discovered in the music, the energy and expression within it. His love to music started in early age. He began with progressive, techno and house music, followed by deep house. Soon he experimented more with house music and[...]
Dom Fletcher 22:00
Dom Fletcher
Feb 14 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Dom Fletcher
Gregor Salto 23:00
Gregor Salto
Feb 14 @ 23:00 – Feb 15 @ 00:00
Gregor Salto
DJ and producer Gregor Salto has been dominating the Dutch club scene for over a decade with his original dance music. Tracks like ‘Mas Que Nada’, ‘Paris Luanda’ and ‘Damelo’ seem to underline Salto’s identity as a Latin House artist, but a closer look shows his interest in Pop, Soul, African and World music. He is constantly seeking to cross existing boundaries and take on new challenges, all the while[...]
Felix Cage 22:00
Felix Cage
Feb 15 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Felix Cage
Dancefloor romance on warm melodies and deep house grooves merging into a flow of sounds filling the room with a unique atmosphere is the unique signature of Felix Cage. A subtle warm-up and an unexpected prime time is what Felix seeks to share with the audience. Born in Paris, Felix grows up in Moscow. Classical music, Russian pop rock of the early 90’s as well as the echoes of the[...]
Marc DePulse 23:00
Marc DePulse
Feb 15 @ 23:00 – Feb 16 @ 00:00
Marc DePulse
Marc DePulse (Einmusika Recordings) “I don ́t specify my music. I simply play and produce what I love.” And that’s what Marcel Sterling alias Marc DePulse wants to tell us with his releases and podcasts: there is no box into which you must fit in because you are free in your mind to do whatever you love. Being real, being authentic, being a full time music lover. That means: go[...]
Garance 22:00
Feb 18 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Miss Monique 23:00
Miss Monique
Feb 18 @ 23:00 – Feb 19 @ 00:00
Miss Monique
Miss Monique is possibly the most recognised female Progressive House DJ’s in Europe. Gradually rising to prominence, she is beginning to create waves on the international circuit too. Recent years have seen Miss Monique make her debut in Ibiza, as well as hundreds of shows across the globe; from Hungary to Chile, to Mexico and even India. Her eclectic mix of trance, progressive house and techno, give Miss Monique a[...]
JanuaryOne 22:00
Feb 19 @ 22:00 – 23:00
When the music does the talking through precise song selection not requiring much of a vocal backing… JanuaryOne’s sharp percussions frame the warm bass lines that add the signature bit of melancholia to his sets be it under the open sky at Afrikaburn, on the dusty grounds of the townships or the clubs and bars of the Mother City. Far away from his homeland Germany JanuaryOne established himself as one[...]
Yotto 23:00
Feb 19 @ 23:00 – Feb 20 @ 00:00
Yotto likes walks in the park, nights by the fire, and deadpan stares across dinner tables. He also likes to produce electronic music. He recently made his debut on the BBC’s iconic Essential Mix, to add to his 5 ‘Essential New Tune’ nods from Pete Tong, and 2 ‘Hottest Record In the World’ selections on Annie Mac’s show. DJ support has proved devastatingly eclectic, ranging from Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Jamie[...]
Kaldera 22:00
Feb 20 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Kaldera is the result of his environment. Upon the advice of his friends, the berlin born techno dj got himself an alias to enter the house scene. Now he is busy under this pseudonym. With his wide range from Deep-House over Garage to Disco, he gives every set a personal touch.
Le Roy 22:00
Le Roy
Feb 21 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Le Roy
Lorenzo Dada 22:00
Lorenzo Dada
Feb 22 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Lorenzo Dada
Lorenzo Dada is steadily building his reputation as a producer who is influenced by his classical background. From the start Lorenzo has been a classical composer and pianist with a degree from the prestigious Conservatory of Saint Cecilia in Rome. From this Lorenzo has blended Classical and Electronic music for labels such as Culprit LA, Contexterrior / Tuning Spork, Get Physical Music and more.. Lorenzo has held residency with Goa[...]
Michael Hooker 22:00
Michael Hooker
Feb 25 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Michael Hooker
Michael Hooker is a DJ, music producer and the founder of Re:Sound Music. He has played all over the world DJing for some of the biggest music brands in the industry. His success comes from hard work, dedication and an extensive musical knowledge. Listen to one of his live sets or podcasts and you can hear the attention to detail, seamless mixing and a musical maturity that he has become[...]
Paul Sawyer 22:00
Paul Sawyer
Feb 26 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Paul Sawyer
DJ, Producer, Label owner and freelance music journalist whose wealth of experience has resulted in DJ’ing at events globally including across Europe and the USA. Not only playing alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, but gaining their support with his music; Mark Knight, Green Velvet, Dubfire, Sasha, Solarstone, Aly & Fila, Kolsch all providing their support during the last 12 months. Cited by Mixmag as ‘a Dj[...]
Marat Mode 22:00
Marat Mode
Feb 27 @ 22:00 – 23:00
Marat Mode
Marat Mode is a Valencian Music Producer , DJ , and Remixer based in Castellón.
Armonica 22:00
Feb 28 @ 22:00 – 23:00