British outfit Coldplay are one of those bands that can somehow put on blockbuster shows with all the bells and whistles of an arena concert while still retaining an everyman appeal.
The venue turned into a kaleidoscopic forest of lights throughout most of the two-hour-long show; occasional confetti showers, pyrotechnics and the release of multi-coloured balloons into the audience enhanced its carnival feel. Making the show even more NDP-like, each member of the 50,000-strong audience was given an LED wristband that automatically lit up in time to the music, making everyone a part of the spectacle instead of being mere spectators. By filling the setlist with hits, ranging from early songs such as Yellow (2000), Hymn For The Weekend from latest album A Head Full of Dreams (2015) as well as new single Something Just Like This (2017), the band also gave their fans a chance to sing along with gusto. If anyone wanted proof that Coldplay tunes are middle-of-the-road, strive for positivity and inclusivity, are never offensive and have extremely broad appeal, he needed only to look at the crowd.