Solomun (born Mladen Solomun: 1975 in Bosnia and Herzegovina), raised in Hamburg, has played a major role in redefining European House Music, with productions, remixes and stand-out DJ sets that take the very building blocks of House and sensitively reconstruct them: adding a fresh, ultramodern twist to the genre. A well-respected underground producer for a number of years, he regularly hits the top spot of readers’ polls in music industry

Born March 12 in Dimitrovgrad, Dennis is a young and promising talent from Bulgaria. In less then two years he plays on one stage with famous names like: Dandi & Ugo, Angy Kore, Marika Rossa, Alex Di Stefano, Phunk Investigation,Chris Lo, Norbert Devanport, Balthazar, JackRock, Vesselin, Double D, Andrez, Shoto, Versus, DJane Husky, DeepJak, Ico UltimateTraXX, Naiden G, Asparuh, Fartech, Momo Dobrev, DJane Candelitta, Dimor and many more …

Born in 1981, Boris Brejcha started his musical education in his childhood. His first two releases in 2006, “Monster” and “Yellow Kitchen” had been released on the Berlin label Autist Records. After a couple releases, Boris changed from Autist Records to Harthouse. With tracks like “Die Maschinen Sind Gestrandet”, “My Love” and “Lost Memory”, he combined his sound with a maximum of varieties which had no peer. Consequently, he became

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