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LCD Soundsystem debuted with “Losing My Edge,” a single that became one of the most talked-about indie releases of 2002. A self-effacing spoof of the outrageous pissing contests that often occur whenever music geeks cross paths (“I was there at the first Can show in Cologne,” etc.) laid over a puttering electronic beat with the occasional bursts of discoid clatter, the track was also one of the first released on

Yorkshire’s’ finest export since puddings, Hot Since 82, has revealed that he is set to change his name to “Ageing Well Since 2017” in the next couple of years.The DJ and producer, real name Daley Padley, has reportedly earmarked his thirty-fifth year as the year he finally stops being hot and becomes handsome. Wunderground spoke to Padley earlier, “My original plan was to call myself Handsome Since 2017 but, now

Watch DJTT’s founder, Ean Golden, demonstrate djay Pro and Spotify with CDJs in this video from last year.. Algoriddim, the software company behind the highly successful iOS/Mac DJ applications djay and djay Pro, has just announced plug-and-play support for Pioneer DJ’s newest top-of-line gear. Keep reading for the details on how djay Pro supports CDJs in HID mode. With a new version of djay Pro, Algoriddim adds support for the

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