Paris duo, Dorian Lo and César de Rummel, better known as Ofenbach, release an incredible new single “Katchi” vs. Nick Waterhouse “through Warner France. A record that continues to confirm the opinion that French producers are a name that will surely be monitored.
With “Katchi” Ofenbach they once again prove that their incredible production is a lesson to be learned carefully. The result is an electronic diamond house hymn that explodes and shines with their incomparable ability to skip borders and create hits.
Rock-covered influences and reeling drums, their music makes it impossible to attract the most damn fans of style, but at the same time preserves the unique ability to classically write music, and in this particular case it helps them not to Is, and the Grammy nominated Leon Bridges.

It is a single that aims to further expand the ever-increasing fan base of the duo. Now, with their over 5 million listeners in Spotify, diamond and golden recordings in Russia, France, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland and songs revolving around Europe, Ofenbach are ready To present their fanatical followers a hit with Katchi.
Currently, the two super producers are on tour in Europe, but they still manage to find time between the dates to enter the studio to work on several next new projects.